SUMMETH - Sustainable Marine Methanol

Final presentation

The results of the SUMMETH project were presented at a seminar at RISE (SMTF) the 6th of December 2017

Following presentations were given and can be viewed by clicking on the titles

- Welcome and introduction from one of the co-funders  Joanne Ellis SSPA
- Introduction to the different engine concepts Bengt Ramne ScandiNAOS
 - Conversion of the Scania Patrik Molander ScandiNAOS
- Results from LTH Martin Tunér LTH
- Results from the VTT study Päivi Aakko-Saksa VTT
- General arrangement and case study Joakim Bomanson ScandiNAOS
- Safety Assessment Joanne Ellis SSPA
- Market Study Torbjörn Rydbergh Marine Benchmark
- Environmental impacts Joanne Ellis SSPA
- Wrap up & end of day discussion Bengt Ramne ScandiNAOS